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STEM day at Windsor College, 27 March 2024

Sean, Riddhi and Nora went at the STEM Day event hosted by Windsor College, the 27 March 2024.

It was a great opportunity to do some practical training using our newly acquired Bentolabs (see picture below), while chatting about science careers. We had 2 cohorts of student during the afternoon.

We did a “know you fungi” practical where the students were able to prepare PCR mix using primers recognising different fungi/mold types, to then add (pre-prepared) DNA mold from various source (house mold from bathroom, moldy marmelade, cheese). While the PCR mix made by the student, was inside the thermocycler, they loaded (pre-prepared) amplified DNA into a gel to run a gel electrophoresis. There were able to see the results from the electrophoresis before they left the lab thanks to the Bentolab.

We were able to talk about our scientific careers and our research project, answering questions from students. We also shared our contact details with some of the students as per their demands for futur work placement opportunities or further questions.

We collected feedbacks from the students (via an anonymous feedback form) and they were very positive. We had good constructive feedbacks too, that we took in consideration and implemented with the second cohort, and we will continue to implement them in futur STEAM days.

We would like to thanks Stephanie and John for giving us this amazing opportunity, and we would like to thanks them for helping us during the day, making a successful day.


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